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Carl Herzog 2013 KW Dealer Council


Carl Herzog of CIT Group, Inc. has been selected by Kenworth Truck Company as one of eight leading executives from among its nearly 340 Kenworth dealerships in the United States and Canada, to serve on the 2013 Kenworth Dealer Council. Carl Herzog represents the Great Lakes region.

“We appreciate the ongoing, dedicated efforts of these Kenworth dealer executives who work in close cooperation with Kenworth Truck Company to further enhance and strengthen the excellence of our customer support throughout the United States and Canada,” said Preston Feight, Kenworth assistant general manager for marketing and sales.

Carl has been with CIT since 1990. On January 1, 2008, Carl Herzog, then our Corporate Parts Director and an 18 year CIT employee, purchased stock ownership in CIT Group, Inc. and became our fifth stockholder. Carl is now a Regional Vice-President in charge of our Chicago, Illinois operations.