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America's Highway Facelift


As the U.S. Interstate Highway system turns 60, a major long-term funding commitment will be required for its much needed facelift to ensure safety to drivers.

As you have noticed by now, roads are becoming increasingly congested. According to TRIP, a transportation research group, more than two out of every five miles of highway are congested. These roads are in need of modernizing for 21st century drivers. This, however, requires a significant long-term funding plan.

The recently signed FAST Act will provide $305 billion in funding over the next five years, boosting highway funding by 15% over previous levels. According to TRIP, funding falls short of what is needed to improve conditions in order to meet the nation’s mobility needs. $20 billion is estimated to be the current annual spending level, when $33 billion is actually needed to complete the essential repairs and improvements.

As this may merely be a step in the right direction, construction continues all around us. It is important to be extra cautious and alert while driving. It is best to try to avoid the construction and traffic all together. Here are some helpful apps:

-    UDOT Traffic
-    NZ Traffic
-    Michelin Navigation
-    INRIX
-    Beat the Traffic
-    Driving Route Finder
-    AA Breakdown & Traffic
-    USA Traffic Cameras
-    Waze
-    Voyager

-    Beat the Traffic
-    Waze
-    USA Traffic & Weather
-    iTraffic
-    View2Road
-    PD Maps Worldwide Edition
-    Traffic Updates
-    TrafficSmart USA 3
-    MyLive Traffic

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