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Honoring Our Military Heroes


This weekend are reminded of the great freedom we have as a nation. We look back on our land's rich history and recall the great sacrifices that were made in order to establish this great country--sacrifices that are still being made today by our military troops. 

Pictured is Volvo Trucks' 2015 Ride for Freedom truck, which honors U.S. military service members. The graphics on this year's Volvo VNL 670 salute all military service members and offer special recognition to those who served in the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan. The truck features images of soldiers, military equipment and military dogs, with an eagle carrying an American flag. The focus of the imagery is to provoke thought and reflection, educate the public and incorporate a healing aspect.  

CIT Trucks is proud of our veterans and hope they feel honored this Independence Day.  Your loyalty to our country has not been forgotten.