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CIT Trucks Hosts Detroit Radiator Corporation’s “Party with DR·COOL!”


Detroit Radiator Corporation launched “Party with DR·COOL!” events for select business-to-business customers this month. CIT Trucks hosted one of these events in Champaign on June 10, 2015.

DR·COOL is an 18-wheeler, award-winning, mobile marketing unit that travels the country to approximately 15 industry tradeshows each year to showcase products, awards, sponsorship memorabilia, and company history.

Randy Pruitt, the CEO of Detroit Radiator Corporation says the experience was created as a way for the company to thank its customers and meet their individual event objectives. Pruitt adds, “We wanted to create a meaningful, memorable, fun, unusual and unexpected experience for our customers. We wanted to go above and beyond good customer service, while also boosting product knowledge and customer loyalty.”

Drew Nussbaum, our Champaign Parts Manager, was quoted saying, “What I liked best, is after doing business together for a while, we had a face-to-face allowing us to put a face with a name, making our business relationship more personal. I would like to have my customers involved next time.”